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Personal pages of Yasen Pramatarov. A blog about philosophy, GNU/Linux and software freedom, music and photography. A photoblog and gallery. A wiki for small projects. A site with public personal stand. And a bit more.

The free software
I work as a system administrator and software consultant. My interest in software is based on the concept of free and opensource software and I dare to say that I know a lot in this field. I am a longtime GNU/Linux user, software freedom advocate, FLOSS translator to Bulgarian, i18n coordinator in KDE, linux blogger and occasionally a code developer.

The photography
I am an amateur photographer, addicted to nice bokeh, open apertures, photowalking with friends and interested in latest camera technologies. Fan of Pentax and Nikon, but above all fan of great photography.


I consider myself a maker, though I don’t always have the time to build things. I like Arduino, 3D-printing, Raspberry Pi, OLinuXino, Make Magazine and I’m dreaming for a house with garden, backyard, toolshed and garage, where I can teach my kids building things when I’m not working on remote GNU/Linux things from my home office.

The electric vehicles
I am the founder and moderator of the Bulgarian Electric Vehicles Club (electriclub.com), a forum for EV enthusiasts, developers of vehicle electronics, companies representatives and all the electric transportation fans. I plan to do my own electric conversion and stop depending on gas, oil and engine repairs.

The philosophy
I am a Ph.D. in Philosophy (to be completed soon). I read and think a lot about the use of philosophy in computer science and vice versa — everything from social networks to artificial intelligence.

Music, cars, sci-fi, science…

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1) “Онтология на авторските права в Интернет” – дипломна работа и резюме на текста. Първа версия, формат pdf.
2) “Епистемология на виртуалните социални мрежи” – обосновка на тема за докторска дисертация.