PayPal for Bulgarians, at last

I hardly believed my eyes too, but it finally happened — PayPal now supports sending money to Bulgarian accounts. A while ago in the spring this year lot of people jumped with joy that there was a registration from Bulgaria and with Bulgarian bank cards allowed. That was nice, but until now these profiles of ours were no good for anything except payment. If one had money in one’s credit card and a willingness to spend them on the Internet, one had a chance. But the other way transactions didn’t work — you just end up with a big sign “your account is send-only” or something like that when you try a money request.

So all the payment from websites that recognise only PayPal just didn’t work for us. Lately I wrote about my hard times with TextLinkAds, who pay just by PayPal and by cheque. Well, if I only have waited some more for that first test payment from TLA, I could now have transferred my money easily to my PayPal account.

I have recommended many times MoneyBookers, because their service have worked for me and I have received some real money through them. It is something I couldn’t even hope with PayPal until now. Who knows, If some day I receive money through them and it’s all ok, I would recommend them too. Or more likely it will the same whether we’re using MoneyBookers or PayPal, because with both these sites we will be able to do our job.

Just a week ago, last monday I wrote about TLA and the problems with cashing a cheque in Bulgaria. In the comments (in Bulgarian version) I mentioned that I don’t believe PayPal will unlock it’s Bulgarian accounts. And now, only a week later… Wow, my site, it’s influence… scary… :D

(Some conspiracy theory here involved, haha ;)

That means I’ll have to rework the block at the right panel for buying me a beer to work not just with ePay (a Bulgarian online money operator). But with my growing interest in Django and Pylons and fading one in Drupal who knows whether I’ll first update the block or I’ll go for rewriting my site with Pylons…

In the meantime you could by me a beer with the means available :P (Update: the donation form now works with PayPal)

Greetings to all who waited for these PayPal accounts and I hope we receive lots of money through them! :)

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